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Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ's

Credit life and disability insurance can provide valuable financial security to you and your family if an illness occurs that keeps you out of work or in the event of loss of life.

Generally, we will request that you provide two years of tax returns if you are self-employed.
We may ask you to provide two years of tax returns as we consider your loan request.
Yes, you may refinance your car loan through St. Mary's Bank. Receive a 0.10% discount off your interest rate when you register for Automatic Funds Transfer (AFT) from your St. Mary's Beyond Checking Account.

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For Traditional Home Equity Line of Credit:
During the first ten years of your equity line of credit (the draw period), you will be billed monthly for the interest due on your loan balance. After the ten-year draw period, we will work with you to convert your line of credit into an equity loan, during which time the principal and interest will be repaid over a ten year time frame.

For Home Equity Line of Credit with Lock Option:
During the first ten years of your equity line of credit with a lock option loan (draw period), you will be billed monthly for the interest due on your loan balance.  At any time during the draw period you may choose to lock any or all of your line into a fixed-rate advance. You will choose the term of the advance and pay it back just like a fixed-rate loan.  These fixed payments will be in addition to any interest payments due on any balance that is not locked.  As you pay down your balance, your available credit will increase. You can have 3 fixed-rate advances in one year and at any one time, and 10 over the life of the loan. After the ten year draw period, your line of credit will be converted so that no further advances will be available and you will be billed monthly principal and interest payments to repay your balance over a 10 year time frame.
Yes. Once you make your loan payment you will be able to print the confirmation page by using the print option in your browser.
Payment amounts are limited to your regular payment amount due at this time. Payment of another amount may result in a delay in the processing of your payment.
To pay with an external account, you’ll need your member number, first name, last name, the last four digits of your Social Security number and your date of birth. You will also need to provide an email address for payment confirmation.
Effective February 1, 2020—A $2 transaction fee applies when making a one-time payment from an external account at another institution. There is no fee to set up recurring payments.
You can use an external account to make a payment on any consumer loan (Equity Line or Loan, Auto Loan, Personal Loan, Home Improvement Loan, Green Rate Loan, Credit Builder, Credit Builder Plus, Overdraft Line of Credit, or Credit Card). This service is not available for mortgage or commercial loan payments.
To create a external payment account, click the Register button. Submit your name and email address. Then, you will be prompted to submit your member number, last 4 of your social security number, and your date of birth. Finally, you must agree to the Terms of Service.
No, please allow one business day for the payment to be reflected on the loan. If you still have questions or concerns, please call our Member Contact Center at 1-888-786-2791, or visit any of our branch locations.
Yes, but you must contact us first to cancel your automatic funds transfer to avoid duplication of payments.
Please contact the financial institution where your external account is held.
Payments received prior to 7:00 p.m. Eastern time are applied to the loan on the same business day. Payments received after 7:00 p.m. Eastern time will be applied to the loan on the following business day.
You can register and create an account for added convenience when making future payments, or you can choose “Express Pay” if you would like to make a payment without creating an account.
To check the status of a consumer loan (home equity, credit card, personal loan, or vehicle loan) in progress, click here.