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Google Pay

Quick, Convenient, Secure.

Follow these steps to add your St. Mary's Bank debit or credit card to your Google Mobile Wallet.

1. Download Google Pay

Download the Google Pay App for Android or iOS

2. Tap add to wallet...

And follow the instructions to add your card.

3. Use your phone to pay...

By tapping at checkout anywhere you see the  symbol.


How do I use my Google Pay?

Add your St. Mary's debit and/or credit card to Google Pay/Wallet. When paying simply unlock your phone, hold it near the reader, and look for the check mark to know your payment has been accepted.

Is Google Pay Secure?

Google Pay/Wallet keeps your information private by using a secure built-in authentication, transaction encryption feature as well as fraud protection.

When you tap to pay with your phone, Google Pay/Wallet doesn’t share your debit or credit card number with the merchant, so your payment info stays safe.

If you are having difficulty registering, contact Mobile Wallet Support at 1-877-240-7463.