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ID Theft Prevention & Response

If you believe your account and/or ID has been compromised, take the following steps.

Account/ID Compromise Next Steps

Account number, card number, passwords compromised/disclosed

  • Contact the companies where you have accounts that may be compromised, accounts where the fraudster may have logon credentials or private information including account numbers (banks, credit unions, credit card companies, utilities, etc.).
  • Close/freeze accounts.
  • Change passwords by using a secure device (secure PC, phone, tablet, etc.).
  • Change PIN on cards.


Social security number compromised/disclosed


PC/laptop compromised (e.g., PC repair scam, fraudster remotely accessed device, malware concern)

  • Unplug, disconnect from the internet (or turn off WiFi, put in airplane mode).
  • Do not reconnect to Internet until cleaned.
  • Take your device to a reputable company to “clean” your PC of any malware.
  • If account information was stored unencrypted on the device OR you logged onto accounts while fraudster was remoted in, follow all steps above depending on what information was stored.


Additional Steps

  • If you have experienced a financial loss as a result of a compromise, or you feel you may be in danger (e.g., fraudsters are threatening you), contact your local police department.
  • Add automated alerting using Card and Online Banking controls.
  • Review your credit bureau reports at or (877) 322-8228 for any unauthorized credit or inquiries.
How do I report identity theft and fraud?
If you feel your account and/or ID has been compromised take the following steps listed here .
How do I report card fraud?

If your, debit or credit card is lost or stolen, please report it immediately. Prompt reporting will help avoid unauthorized charges to your account. You have four contact options.

  • Online & Mobile Banking: Within Tools & More, the primary accountholder may access card management to block the card.
  • Member Contact Center: (888) 786-2791 Available Mon-Fri 8am – 5:30 pm, Sat 8am – 12pm
  • Card Support Center: (877) 268-2612 Available 24/7 (Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas)
  • Outside of US: (909) 941-1398 Need to dispute charges on your debit or credit card?
  • Call Card Dispute Support: (877) 504-3009 Available 24/7 (closed Thanksgiving and Christmas)


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