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Cash Management Sweep

Maximize earnings on surplus funds without lifting a finger.

Optimize Cash Balances with Minimal Effort 

Boost your returns and reduce interest expenses with a smart cash management tool tailored for small to medium-sized businesses. Simply establish a target balance for your business checking account, and any surplus funds will be automatically transferred to a tiered-rate investment account. If your checking account balance falls below the target, funds are automatically transferred back into the account to maintain necessary liquidity.

Business Cash Management Sweep automatically optimizes your cashflow by:

  • Establishing a minimum target balance of $10,000 for your checking account
  • Transferring surplus funds into a tiered-rate investment account
  • Moving funds back into your checking account when needed

Plus, businesses who use our service:

  • Earn competitive interest on all balance tiers
  • Pay no monthly maintenance or sweep fees
  • Easily monitor business account activity with Online Banking

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