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Welcome to St. Mary's Bank, the Nation's First Credit Union.
It's our mission to help members achieve their financial goals by providing best-in-market service and trusted financial advice.



St. Mary’s Bank was established as the first credit union in the nation in Manchester, New Hampshire in 1908. At the time, French Canadian immigrants were laboring in the mills along the banks of the city’s Amoskeag River in hopes of achieving a better quality of life for themselves and their families. Monsieur Hevey, a local pastor, sought to help them, and a new way of banking founded on the idea of “people helping people” was established for the first time in America. From the start, St. Mary’s Bank was a place where everyone was welcome, and anyone could belong.

Well over a century later, the legacy of our founders lives on. Member-owned and not-for-profit, St. Mary’s Bank is an inviting and inclusive credit union that strives to creates opportunities for individuals, families, and businesses. Our members motivate and inspire us to go above and beyond in providing progressive financial products, best-in-market-service and trusted financial advice. We are where we are today not just because of our rich past, but because of our continued commitment to our members; values that led our first president to open the doors of his own home as our early headquarters. The story of St. Mary’s Bank is timeless and begins the way most great stories do, with a dream to change the world for the better.

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History of St. Mary's Bank

We often get asked, “Why are you called ‘St. Mary’s Bank’ if you’re a credit union?” That’s a great question.


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