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Meet the Board of Directors at St. Mary's Bank

As a member-owned cooperative, every decision we make at St. Mary's Bank is driven by your best interests. Our volunteer Board of Directors, comprised of fellow members, plays a vital role in upholding this commitment.

The Board charts our course, establishes policies, and ensures we maintain a strong financial position. Each year, they carefully review and approve our annual budget, aligning our spending with your needs. This allows St. Mary’s Bank to continue delivering the affordable services and innovative products you've come to expect.

They also work closely with our CEO to ensure progress toward achieving our shared goals and objectives. Their guidance ensures we stay true to our mission of helping members achieve their financial goals by providing best-in-market service and trusted financial advice.

St. Mary's Bank Board of Directors
L-R: Donnalee Lozeau, David H. Bellman, Diane P. Fitzpatrick, Gina M. Balkus, Ken Senus, President, Chief Executive Officer, Stephen J. Grzywacz, Chairman of the Board, Elizabeth S. C. Hitchcock, Vice Chairman of the Board, Craig S. Donais Esq., William E. Stevens, Guy D. Chapdelaine CPA