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ATM/Debit Card Fraud

Did you know that your card can be compromised even though it’s in your possession? Do you know what to look for to be sure an ATM has not been “skimmed?”

Skimming is a high-tech method by which thieves capture your personal account information from your ATM or Debit Card by swiping the card through a high-tech device called a skimmer. Skimmers can be hand held, or they can be affixed to the face of an ATM machine.
Here are some things you can do to protect yourself:
Be aware of your surroundings. The first step to prevent skimming is to understand what is going on around you. When at an ATM, prior to inserting your card, check the ATM card reader to make sure it does not appear to have been tampered with. Cover the key pad when entering your PIN.
  • Closely monitor anyone who handles your ATM or Debit Card. If possible, closely watch the person as they swipe it through the processing device to ensure it’s not swiped through multiple devices.
  • Cancel cards that you do not use and monitor the ones you do use by reviewing your monthly statements timely.
  • Do not provide the three-digit security code from the back of the card to anyone by phone or email unless you initiated the contact and know who you are doing business with.
  • Commit the PIN to memory and stay away from the practice of writing the PIN down and keeping it in your wallet or purse along with your card.
Has your ATM card or Visa® Debit Card been lost or stolen? Click here for more information.

If you feel you are or may be a victim of a skimming scam or card fraud, visit any branch, or call our Member Contact Center at 1-888-786-2791.