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Security Tips

Top 5 Security Tips

1. Keep personally identifiable information (social security and account numbers, passwords) safe. Never give your debit card and its PIN to a friend/relative to perform withdrawals for you or share online account access information (username, password) with anyone who is not a joint owner or signer on your account.

2. Always select credit when using your debit card unless you need cash back. Your PIN can be compromised at gas pumps. Never write your PIN on your debit card.

3. Shred sensitive documents you don’t need and clean out your purse/wallet of these items.

4. Don’t assume a “guaranteed check” (bank check, money order, etc.) received in the mail is legitimate, especially if you are instructed to return some of the funds via Western Union, wire transfer, or Moneygram. If you receive a questionable check, take it to any branch for verification.

5. Ensure computer(s) used for sensitive transactions (Online Banking, Bill Pay, private files) is protected with a firewall and kept current with operating system, web browser, and anti-virus updates.