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Board of Directors

The St. Mary’s Bank’s board of directors is responsible for overseeing the credit union’s course, setting policies, approving the annual budget, and reviewing the CEO’s progress in achieving goals and objectives, ultimately ensuring the credit union maintains a sound financial condition. All decisions made by the board are guided by doing what’s in the best interest of the membership.

Meet the Board of Directors at St. Mary's Bank:

SMB Board of Directors

L-R: Donnalee Lozeau, David H. Bellman, Diane P. Fitzpatrick, Gina M. Balkus, Ken Senus, President, Chief Executive Officer, Stephen J. Grzywacz, Chairman of the Board, Elizabeth S. C. Hitchcock, Vice Chairman of the Board, Craig S. Donais Esq., William E. Stevens, Guy D. Chapdelaine CPA