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The Community Outreach programs are a set of programs designed to meet the specific needs of the underserved. These programs are delivered through partnerships with local non-profit and social service agencies.
The Family Emergency Loan Program
Small, short-term loans to help low to moderate-income individuals and families experiencing an emergency. May include fuel assistance to avoid shut-off of service, heating systems/home repair, medical/dental emergencies, security deposits, and disaster relief (funds to assist fire/flood victims).
Home Ownership Loan Program
Loans at market or below-market rates for low-income borrowers to support home ownership. The loans are secured by owner-occupied real estate in Greater Manchester and Greater Nashua for the benefit of low- and moderate-income borrowers. Programs and requirements may change.
Grants are awarded to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations  for the express purpose of developing and/or administering activities that support or complement St. Mary's core Community Outreach Programs. Awards may fund program activities, defray administrative expenses, or purchase equipment.