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Report a Lost or Stolen ATM/Debit Card

If your ATM or debit card is lost or stolen, please report it immediately.  Prompt reporting will help avoid unauthorized charges to your account. You have three contact options:

1. Call our Debit Card Support Center:
Available 24/7  (closed Christmas and Thanksgiving)

2. Use the online service anytime if you are already signed up for online banking:
Just follow these simple directions:

1. Login to your online banking account
2. Under “Preferences” select the option “Report Lost ATM / Debit Card”
3. On this screen, you will see the ATM/Debit cards linked to your account(s).
4. Check "block" on the card you wish to deactivate and click submit.
5. Once your ATM / Debit card has been reported lost or stolen, a new card will be automatically mailed to you. You should receive your new card within 7-10 business days. There will be a card replacement fee of $10 that will be charged to your account.

3. Outside of the U.S.
Call collect to 1-909-941-1398
Available 24/7

Need to dispute charges on your debit card?
Call Debit Card Dispute Support: 1-877-504-3900
Available 24/7  (closed Christmas and Thanksgiving)

PLEASE NOTE: Additional information regarding your rights and responsibilities can be located within your Information Concerning Your Personal Accounts brochure or by contacting our Member Contact Center at 1-888-786-2791.