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Get Money Smart with St. Mary’s Bank’s Free Financial Seminars

Posted On 7/20/2017
Are you in the market for your first home? Are you curious about how to build or repair credit? Are you concerned about identity theft but unsure how to prevent it? Are you ready to know more about estate or retirment planning? St. Mary’s Bank has you covered.

As the nation’s first credit union, St. Mary’s Bank wants everyone to possess the knowledge and know-how vital to making wise financial decisions. St. Mary’s Bank makes getting money smart easy by offering free informative seminars at its Education Center, established in 2012, at its Perimeter Road location in Manchester.

Members and the public learn about topics facing people at various milestones along their financial journeys. Sign up for a seminar today and start getting money smart.

All St. Mary’s Bank financial seminars are free, open to the public.
View our summer/fall seminar details and register today!

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