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St. Mary’s Bank Honors Dedicated Employees

Posted On 3/8/2017
In a workforce flush with Millennials, employers can expect employees ages 20–34 to hold their positions a mere 2.3 years. In light of this, St. Mary’s Bank knows the value of retaining long-term employees and honors those who reach the milestone of 20 years of service.
In 2010, St. Mary’s Bank launched its President’s Club to recognize and thank those employees with 20 or more years of dedicated service to the nation’s first credit union. The President’s Club currently boasts 19 employees, and St. Mary’s Bank recently honored them at the Club’s annual dinner at the Puritan Backroom restaurant in Manchester.

Standing, from left: Sunshine Voisine, Betty Furman, Kimberly Pare, Judy Leclerc, Lisa Vaal, Carol Lynne Vieira, Sue Harrington, Sue Descoteaux, Sue Aronson
Seated, from left: Louise Pare, Diane McNamara, Jessica Emerson, Carol Waszeciak, Anne Canty, Laurie Langevin, Linda Girard, Lisa Allard, Marianne Ouellette
Unable to attend: Barbara Cunningham

“Since we launched the President’s Club, I have loved being part of this yearly event,” states Ron Covey, President and CEO of St. Mary’s Bank. “Our employees are the heart of St. Mary’s Bank, and it is my privilege to celebrate their loyalty and service.”
Covey especially recognized these employees for their distinguished years of service above 20: Carol Lynne Vieira, Sales and Service Representative, 30 years; Lisa Allard, Electronic & Deposit Operations Manager, 25 years; Laurie Langevin, Sales & Service Representative, 25 years; Sunshine Voisine, Residential Mortgage Originator, 25 years; and Sue Descoteaux, Retirement/HSA Specialist, 20 years. Also honored was Carol Waszeciak, Sales & Service Representative, who retired in December 2016 with 27 years of service.
The mission of St. Mary’s Bank is to help members achieve their financial goals by providing best-in-market-service and trusted financial advice, and the faithful service of these employees helps the credit union live out its mission every day.

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