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Equifax Data Breach Settlement

Posted On 7/26/2019
You may have heard on the news about the recent settlement over the Equifax breach of September 2017 that exposed 147 million people’s private information. If you were affected by this breach (e.g. bought credit monitoring, paid for credit freezes, took time to resolve ID theft, etc.) you may be eligible for 4 years of free monitoring or if you already had monitoring in place for the next 6 months, you may be eligible for up to $125 payment. If you incurred costs (e.g. placing freezes or paying for an accountant) or time spent resolving unauthorized charges you may submit those as well.

You can go to the site below to see if your information was impacted (you will need to enter your last name and last 6 digits of your SSN), as well as a link to file a claim.

Equifax Data Breach Settlement

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