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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Scam Alert

Posted On 4/20/2020
In addition to our prior scam notice on 4/1/20, more COVID-19 scams are being reported, including fake cures and tests as well as offers of “guaranteed” government loans or additional funds “found” to assist consumers. Be aware that:
  • COVID19 small business loans do not require any form of pre-payment or fees.
  • If you receive a call about a loan you actually applied for, you should verify an application number, amount of loan, or date/time of loan to be sure it’s really the bank/credit union you applied with (and not a fraudster trying to get your private information).
  • Do not click on any links in texts or emails that are from unknown sources or claim to have test results, cures, additional stimulus money, etc. The links likely include malware or direct you to a site to capture your private information.
  • No legitimate person/company will ever contact you to request your online banking credentials to make a stimulus deposit or any other type of deposit to your account. NEVER give out your online banking credentials. 

Posted 4/1/2020
With the COVID-19 crisis, many fraudsters are taking advantage of our fears, creating fake job and donation sites as well as sending emails that appear to be from the CDC, WHO, or other organization.

Some important things to remember and be aware of:
  • Never give out your online banking credentials. No legitimate company will ever ask for this info, and you risk fraudulent deposits or losses for which you could be liable.
  • Be very wary of emails or texts asking to click on links or open attachments.
  • Any job that deposits or sends you money and asks you to withdraw or send the funds elsewhere is likely a scam. Recent scam jobs include receiving funds to act as liaison for donations, buying items from grocery/pharmacy to test price gouging, assisting with bitcoin purchases, and telling you to keep the info secret.

If you have any concerns about your security and privacy, please contact our Member Contact Center at 1-888-786-2791.

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