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New Online Business Banking

Good news! We have upgraded our business online banking to a new system. The new system has a streamlined and intuitive user interface and gives you more control to establish roles, users, and permissions. Handy “widgets” give you easy access to all features. Our new mobile app will also give you more functionality at your fingertips!

Online Business Banking Guide for Business Master Users

In the new system, Admins are now referred to as Master Users. Access the guide below for step-by-step instructions for Master Users including how to add sub users, create roles and permissions, and initiate wire transfers and ACH payments (for members who have opted in for these services).

New System Access

New login credentials to access the new system.

  • A letter has been mailed to you outlining how you will login to the new system.
  • If you need assistance, or have questions please call (603) 629-1407.

About the Changeover

Action may be required.

Changes made in the current system after May 30 will not carry through. You will need to replicate any changes made after May 30 in the new system on or after June 11, 2019.

Please note “batches” are called “templates” in the new system.

ACH and Wire Transfer Users

  • Your most recent ACH templates (batches) are available in the new system. Historical copies of earlier batches are available in Excel format upon request.
  • Wire transfer templates (batches) will need to be reestablished in the new system

You may request a copy of your previous ACH or wire transfer templates (batches) from the old system on or after June 11. Simply call us at (603) 629-1407 and we will be happy to assist you.

Multi User Access

Action Required If You Have Multiple Users

As the admin or “master user,” you will need to establish roles and permissions for existing sub users in the new system.

PLEASE NOTE: Sub users established by May 30 will be in the new system. You will need to recreate any new sub users established after May 30 in the new system and define roles and permissions. Each sub user will have their own login credentials.

How to Access New Mobile Banking Apps

iOS Application Android Application
Download on App Store Download on Google Play

To update your iOS app use the link above to access the app in the app store. Click on the St. Mary's Bank logo and then click "Update." Or, you may delete the old app and install the new app with the link above.


  • Follow the user guide to set up users, roles, and permissions.
  • For personal attention, please call (603) 629-1407.