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Account Alerts & Notifications

Account notifications and alerts

To set up account notifications & alerts, click on Settings. Then navigate to notifications tab.

From here, you can set up alerts for remote deposit, security notifications, accounts, transfers, budgets, savings goals, and authentication.

Let’s set up a balance alert. Click on the Settings icon then turn the alert on. And then select the account. You’ll be able to set the high and low balances that you’d like to receive notifications for. Click Save, and then choose the type of alert you’d like to receive. Then click save changes. The default is email. If you’d like the option of receiving text alerts, you’ll first have to confirm your mobile number. Head to the contact tab, click the pencil to the right of your mobile number and then click that you would like to receive SMS text messages to this number. You’ll click “Send a Code via Text”, then click “Send Code”. Once you’ve received that code, enter your code and click “Verify”. Your mobile number will now be an option in account notifications and alerts.


Creating a Budget

Creating a Budget

One of the great new features of your online banking is the ability to create budgets and savings goals. Click on more and then click on the budgets widget. From here you can give your budget a name. Select your preferred account and add a category for your expense. Input an amount, and then you want to add an income category. Here we are going to choose paycheck. Then click “Create Budget”. You’ll get confirmation that your budget has been created, and you’ll be able to track your progress.


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How to Access eStatements

How to Access eStatements

The quickest way to access your eStatement is in the widget in the left hand side bar. In the overview section, you’ll see confirmation that you are receiving eStatements. Click on the statements tab and then click on view statements. You’ll then be brought to the eStatements portal, where you can access all of your eStatements and eNotices.


Transfers Between Accounts

Transfers Between Accounts

To get started, click on the Transfers widget in the left hand side bar. You’ll see four tabs, Quick, Classic, Scheduled, and History.

To make a quick transfer, choose the “From” account, select an amount or a custom amount, and then choose the “To” account. Click “Submit Transfer” at the bottom and then confirm your transfer. If you’d like to make another transfer, click there.

Classic offers more options and allows you to schedule recurring transfers. Select your “From” account, select your “To” account, enter your amount, you can choose the date in which you would like this transfer to begin and then choose the frequency. Then click submit transfer. You’ll receive confirmation.

To verify your transfers, click on Go to Transfer Activity. This will bring you to the schedule tab. Here you’ll see a confirmation of your upcoming transfers and you’ll see the dates on which they are scheduled to take place.

The history tab will give you a detailed transfer history.

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