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May 1–September 6, 2021

Hit the road with your St. Mary’s Bank Visa® Platinum Rewards, or Business Platinum Rewards credit card and earn double points on gas purchases, or when you use a taxi, limo, Uber, or Lyft service.

Redeem Your Points On Fuel
Use your rewards card at a Shell or BP gas station when fueling up and you can redeem your points at the pump. 
You could get  $.50 cents off per gallon. See how easy it is to redeem at the pump >


Want a Platinum credit card?

Learn more about our Visa Platinum credit cards.


Exclusions may apply. Primary St. Mary's Bank Visa Platinum Rewards and Visa Business Platinum Rewards Credit Card accounts are automatically enrolled to earn double points on each dollar spent, up to $2,000, when purchasing gas, or using a taxi, limo, Uber or lyft service May 1 through September 6, 2021. Double points will be calculated and posted after the promotional period has ended. See credit card Rewards Terms and conditions for more information regarding Rewards program.