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Savings Accounts

Establishing good savings habits can be easy. Regular deposits will grow over time and you’ll have access to funds whenever you need it.

Beyond Savings
This general purpose savings account is ideal for all your short and long-term needs.

  • No minimum daily balance required to earn interest
  • Multiple interest rate tiers for maximum earnings
  • Unlimited in-branch withdrawals
  • Make up to six transfers to a third party per statement period
  • Available with passbook or statement
Rates & Fees
You have multiple options to waive your monthly service fee of $3
  • Minimum daily balance above $250
  • Monthly direct deposit
  • Under age 21 or over age 62
  • View current rates 
Beyond Rewards Savings
Exclusively available to Beyond Rewards checking account holders.

Super Saver*
This youth savings account is ideal for young savers age 12 and under. Start your kids on the right path to financial independence. 


It's easy to open an account!

Call, click, or visit a branch to get started.

*Minors must have a Parent or Guardian as a joint owner. At age 21, account is converted to Beyond Savings.