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Home Refinance

  • Lower your mortgage payment
  • Reduce overall borrowing costs
  • Shorten your mortgage repayment term
  • Partner with experienced mortgage professionals

Refinance your home loan and free up cash in your monthly budget. We offer flexible programs that save money at closing and throughout the life of the loan.

Mortgage Refinance Options 

Traditional Refinance

Lock-in competitive refinance rates with as little as 3% down. We offer a variety of fixed and adjustable-rate and flexible terms to meet your needs. Select programs receive rate discounts for having an Automatic Funds Transfer of your new mortgage payment from a St. Mary's Bank Checking Account.

SNAP Refinance

Experience a simplified, no closing cost approval process. With express refinancing, you can receive a fixed-rate mortgage with a 10 or 15-year repayment term. Complete a simple online application and receive a fast loan decision.

SNAP Mortgage Refinance available for residential 1-4 unit dwellings, including modular homes, new construction with certificate of occupancy, and warrantable and non-warrantable condominiums in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine (Coops, non-owner occupied/investment property, seasonal homes, manufactured homes, and modular homes located in a park or Coop not eligible). Min. loan amount $75,000, max. loan amount $600,000. Rates will depend on specific characteristics of loan transaction and credit profile up to closing date.

Apply for a Refinance

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Mortgage Refinance Calculator

How long will it take to break even on a mortgage refinance? The mortgage refinance calculator helps sort through the confusion and determine if refinancing your mortgage is a sound financial decision.
How quickly can you close on a mortgage loan?
Typically, you can close your mortgage loan within 45 days of application, depending on the time of year and the type of transaction. We can sometimes close sooner than that, depending on the transaction and the timeliness of information and documentation provided.
How much are mortgage closing costs?
Mortgage closing costs vary, depending on the type of transaction (purchase or refinance), size of the loan and whether or not you are paying "points”. Additional services such as legal review of a trust or, power of attorney and other ancillary services may add to the fees that we charge as these services add to our costs to process and approve your loan.
What will I have to bring to closing other than the amount needed to cover closing costs?
A picture identification, copy of your insurance binder (or existing policy) with a paid receipt and a certified check for any monetary amount required.

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